Wide Aisle

Easy accessibility to all pallets

Wide aisle pallet racking is the most commonly used system for palletised unit loads, with each pallet being individually supported and independently reachable. Aisle width is dependent on choice of truck, with a standard counterbalanced requiring between 3.5 and 4 metres width. However when combined with reach trucks aisle depth can be as low as 2.5 metres further optimising space.

Key Benefits:

1. All Pallets Accessible
Through ensuring each pallet is independently reachable, you can gain from ease of loading and unloading. Which maximises the speed of operation, thus improving productivity.

2. Versatile
Wide aisle racking is suitable for a wide range of products including perishable goods.

3. Stock Management Made Easier
Stock rotation is made easy by all pallets being easily accessible at all times, saving you valuable time as there is no need to load and unload whilst rotating.

4. Fast Installation
The simplistic nature of wide aisle racking ensures that it can be implemented into your warehouse with ease

5. Simple To Relocate
Similarly as fast installation, the simplistic nature of the rack means that relocating is much less of an issue.

6. High Throughput Speed

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