Genuine Redirack Components

Redirack Components & Accessories
Following the unfortunate demise of Redirack, many companies have tried to copy their patented product, some of these copies being produced to SEMA's disapproval. This has lead to uncertainty for numerous companies when considering the maintenance and aftercare of an expensive asset.

Components & Accessories Available

Key genuine Redirack components & accessories, numbered in co-ordination with the image on the right hand side.

1. Rack Stabiliser
2. Run Spacer
3. Cantilever Sprinkler Support
4. Pallet Safety Bar with Saddle Bracket
5. Drop Over Panel
6. Barrel Chock
7. Fork Clearance Bar
8. Timber Decking
9. Chipboard Decking
10. Drum Cradle
11. Post Pallet Channel
12. Rack End Barrier - Square
13. Column Protector
14. Sacrificial Leg
15. Rack End Barrier - Round

If there is a component or accessory you need that is not included in the list, click here to contact Elev8.


Elev8 have partnered with CAM and Stakapal, to deliver you with genuine (not will fit) Redirack components, this is due to Stakapal buying the rights to all Redirack product designs. Our racking enterprise delivers national coverage, however as official partners we will be the sole dealer for the North Lincolnshire/Yorkshire area, meaning that we can provide you with the best price on all Redirack components and accessories.

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