Asset Management

We can offer professional support, impartial advice and expertise for finance companies and dealers in the following areas:

  • Provide help and advice on realistic residual values and underwrite if required pre contract start
  • Provide valuations both trade and market
  • Purchase the equipment for disposal with fast payment terms
  • Provide safe and secure storage for the equipment
  • Carry out site visits on their behalf in a liquidation situation:
    • To carry out surveys of the equipment and assess damage prior to leaving site
    • To provide reports with photographic evidence
    • To provide estimates of repair where damage caused to the equipment is not considered as 'fair wear and tear'
    • Market the sale of equipment on their behalf and look to obtain best market prices and deal direct with the administrators.
    • Organise transport as required
  • Repossessions:
    • Manage the asset from valuation stage right through to arranging its collection
    • Liaise with the administrators if required on their behalf
    • Liaise with customers if required
    • Liaise direct with dealers if required

If you believe we can help support your business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss further.

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